Since January 2014:

Mycsa Ag has kept 29,400 pounds of waste from going to the landfill

Mycsa Ag has saved 51,934 Kilowatt Hours of Energy

Mycsa Ag has saved 53,330 Trees

Mycsa Ag has saved 58,000 Gallons of Water

Mycsa Ag has saved 129 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space

Following the demand for organic products, Mycsa Ag has dedicated itself entirely to the organic agriculture. We have developed a complete line of 100% natural raw materials and insect repellents for farmers, agriculture companies and institutions just like yours!

Mycsa is a leading global provider of bulk organic fertilizers, raw materials and products and organic based solutions for organic growers and the organic agriculture industry. Mycsa has developed a comprehensive line of pure raw materials and natural products for organic agriculture. Mycsa is your direct source for bulk raw materials and organic fertilizer solutions that farmers and agriculture companies need for sustainable organic agriculture. Mycsa is the global source for seaweed extract, tech-grade fulvic acid, humic acid, amino acid and Super K fulvate powders, neem oil, and other products that make successful organic growing possible. For organic fertilizers, bulk raw materials for the organic agriculture industry and other organic grower solutions, Mycsa has what you need.


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